International Thomas Ricklin prize

Due to the #coronavirus emergency the Thomas Ricklin International Prize is postponed in the fall. It is still possible to send in applications.

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On anniversary of Thomas Ricklin’s death, his wife Sandra Plastina Ricklin, members of family, the head of Cetefil Alessandra Beccarisi and its scientific committee announce a prize in memory of Thomas Ricklin, professor at the Ludwig- Maximilians-Universität (München) and scholar of medieval philosophical culture.

The initiative is aimed at supporting the publication of a critical study or annotated edition of a text, in the field of medieval and renaissance philosophy by young scholars. The initiative is sponsored by CETEFIL, the Centre for the editing of philosophical texts of the University of Salento.

Object of the selection: presentation of a monograph or critical edition of a text in the field of medieval and renaissance philosophy, accompanied by an abstract. The study can be written in the following languages: Italian, French, English, Spanish, German.

Requirements for admission: the award is open to Italian and foreign scholars who have held a PhD for no longer than ten years on the date of publication of the announcement.

Sum to be awarded and adjudicating committee: the prize, of 3,000 euros, made available by Ricklin’s wife and family, will be assigned to the winner, selected by a jury, whose decision is final, composed of: the director of Cetefil, Professor Alessandra Beccarisi (Università del Salento), Professor Sandra Plastina Ricklin (Università della Calabria), Professor Ruedi Imbach (Université de Fribourg), Professor Loris Sturlese (Accademia dei Lincei), and Professor Johannes Bartuschat (Universität Zurich)

Applications: applications for participation in the award must be sent by December 30th each year to the following address:

They must contain: 1) personal information including date and place of birth, address of residence and/or domicile, telephone number, e-mail address; 2) photocopy of the candidate’s PhD certificate or equivalent declaration; 3) photocopy of a valid identity document; 4) original critical edition of a currently unedited text in the field of medieval and renaissance philosophical culture; 5) presentation abstract. The subject line must contain “Premio Internazionale Thomas Ricklin – Seconda edizione”.

Outcome of the selection and presentation of the award: the outcome of the selection will be published on the Cetefil website (
The winner will be personally informed. The presentation of the award will take place on the occasion of a public event at a date and in an institutional setting to be announced subsequently.

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